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give me some sunshine ease my mind

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give me some sunshine ease my mind

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well, I made my mom come with me to the ear specalist today. but I mean, can you blame me?

basically, I punctured my ear drum, and the hole is infected and there is a blood clot on it. all of this isn't exactly good. I have a zillion ear drop 50 million times a day, and if I don'tt ake advil every few hours, the pain gets so intense I lay and cry. I have to go back in a week to make sure its healing right and to check on the blood clot.

this sucks so bad. loud noises hurt, I get really tired after short periods of time, i get moody becuase it hurts so bad. I have a 10 hour shift tomorrow and I think I might die.

I did get my hair cut though. I have that shorter piece by my face you know ... well I just it shorter ... its almost long brushed off to the side bangs. reguardless I think it adds a level of maturity to me and I like it alot.

I'm so not into chrismtas this year. I wish I was. this is the first year in 5 years I have no gift to buy a boy. it really bothers me. I mean, I went 15 years alone, then I have either had a bf or a romantic interst since ... and nothing. going from having somehting to not it harder than never having anyone and never knowing what thats like.

but its like ruined it for everyone. I haven't bought any gifts for anyone and christmas is a week away. I haven't even bought christmas cards.

its really pathetic and now having a busted ear drum I think its going to make me care about it even more.

maybe the ghost of christmas will come smack me in the face.

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